Big data on floods (satellite/drone and social sensing):

  • Rapid flood mapping with remote sensing/social sensing
  • Drones for mapping geographic landscapes
  • Drone-based tree monitoring for dam safety
  • Prototyping: Big Data in a flood mapping system
  • Cyber GIS – Big social media for disaster management
  • VGI for rapid assessment in the 2015 SC Flood

Big Earth Data on coasts (GIScience and coastal environments):

  • Marsh dieback in SC and environmental influences
  • Drone image collection in salt marshes
  • Satellite-assisted remote sensing for marsh mapping

Other environmental research:

  • Boreal forests and post-fire recovery (Northeast, China)
  • Tallgrass prairies and bioenergy (Midwest, USA)
  • Alpine grasslands and climatic responses (Tibetan Plateau, China)
  • Geohistorical projects

International projects:

  • Satellite based Maritime Silk Road assessment