Big Earth Data on coasts

Multi-scale satellite remote sensing for salt marsh mapping

NOAA Sea Grant Consortium at SC (Seed Project)
PI: Cuizhen (Susan) Wang

Summary: This project responds to the SC Sea Grant Consortium call in 2015 and targets its Strategic Area 1 the Coastal and Ocean Landscape, Objective 1 Generate information on the biotic and abiotic processes that affect the long-term ecosystem condition and communication this information to coastal decision makers. This research aims to document current distributions of salt marsh habitats in the North Inlet-Winyah Bay, one of the NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserves in South Carolina.999


Miller, G., J., J. T. Morris and C. Wang, 2017. Mapping salt marsh dieback and condition in South Carolinas North Inlet-Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve using remote sensingAIMS Environmental Science, 4(5): 677-689.