Funded Projects

Current Projects

XSEDE Startup Resource Allocation for A Scalable Online Visual Analytic System for Big Climate Data Analysis, National Science Foundation (NSF) (2020-2021), Zhenlong Li (PI)

Big Data Analytics of HIV Treatment Gaps In South Carolina: Identification and Prediction, National Institutes of Health (NIH), R01, 1R01AI127203-01A1  (2019-2022), Zhenlong Li (Co-I), PI: Xiaoming Li

Big Data Health Science Center (BDHSC), University of South Carolina Excellence Initiative (2019-2021), Zhenlong Li (Co-I, Geospatial Core), PI: Xiaoming Li

Analyzing Human Mobility Patterns during Hurricane Matthew Evacuation using Social Media Data, SPARC Program (PhD researcher: Yuqin Jiang) (2019-2020), Zhenlong Li (PI/Advisor)

Past Projects

Social Sensing of Disaster Extents and Impacts of Hurricane Florence, Horne LLP (2018-2019), Zhenlong Li (PI)

Enhancing Situational Awareness by Mining Big Social Media Data in Near-real Time for Disaster Management, USC OVPR ASPIRE I, (2017-2019). Zhenlong Li (PI), Amir Karami

Prototyping a Near Real-time Flood Mapping System with Social Sensing and Big Data Computing, CAS Research Initiative, (2018).  Zhenlong Li (PI)

Computational Analysis of the US 2016 Presidential Election in Social Media, USC Office of The Provost, (2017-2018), Amir Karami, Zhenlong Li(Co-PI),

When, Where, and Who: Mining Billions of Tweets to Understand Celebration Patterns of US Holidays, Magellan Scholar Program (Student Researcher: Daniel Newsome) (2017),  Zhenlong Li (PI)

Prototyping a Cloud-based Spatial Web Portal for Parallel Analytics of Big Climate Data, Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Testbed, (2017), Zhenlong Li(PI), Fei Hu

Developing a High-Performance Query Analytical Framework for Big Climate Data Analysis, USC ASPIRE I, (2016-2017), Zhenlong Li(PI)

Teaching Innovation Grant for Integrative Learning for GEOG 554 Spatial Programming,  Center for Teaching Excellence and USC Connect(2017), Zhenlong Li (PI)

Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Flood Impact by Integrating Satellite, VGI, and Social Media Data: Rapid Assessment of the October Flood, USC Floods Seed Grant, (2015-2016), Zhenlong Li(PI), Cuizhen Wang, Christopher Emrich, Diansheng Guo

A Computational Framework for Tracking Reports, Opinions, and Feelings of People in Social Media Before, During and After a Natural Disaster, USC Floods Seed Grant (2015-2016), Amir Karami, Zhenlong Li(Co-PI)

Hadoop Middleware for Processing Big Climate Data, NASA/NSF (2014-2015), Chaowei Yang, Zhenlong Li(Co-PI)

Geospatial Web Services Discovery and Integration based on Tianditu, China Ministry of Education (2011-2012), Zhenlong Li(PI)

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