Ph.D. Student Position: Geospatial Big Data Analytics for Health

The Geoinformation and Big Data Research Laboratory (GIBD) at the Department of Geography, University of South Carolina (USC) is looking for a highly motivated Ph.D. student with a great passion for geospatial big data research, starting in Fall 2021. GIBD is a collaborative effort of a group of faculty and students, conducting interdisciplinary research on geospatial big data analytics, spatiotemporal analysis/modeling, high-performance computing and CyberGIS within the area of data and computational intensive GIScience. By synthesizing advanced computing technologies, geospatial methods and spatiotemporal principles, GIBD aims to advance knowledge discovery and decision making to support domain applications including disaster management, human mobilities, public health, and climate change.

Health is intrinsically linked to geospatial context—where and how people interact with natural, built, social, economic and cultural environments directly influences human health experience, decision, outcome, policy-making and planning. Analyzing big health data with location information (e.g., electronic health records and social media data) offers an invaluable opportunity to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare. The Ph.D. student will be expected to work with an interdisciplinary team to conduct cutting-edge research on geospatial big data analytics (e.g., analyzing massive social media data and heathcare records) by leveraging and/or developing advanced spatiotemporal analysis methods and computing algorithms/tools in the context of health science.

The student will be supervised by Dr. Zhenlong Li and will also join the Big Data Health Science Center at USC, a campus-wide interdisciplinary enterprise that conducts cutting-edge health research and discovery, offers professional development and academic training, and provides service to the community and industry.

If you are interested or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Li at zhenlong@sc.edu.

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