Zhenlong Li will give a presentation on “Measuring Global Multi-Scale Place Connectivity using Geotagged Social Media Data”

Invited by SafeGraph, Zhenlong Li will be giving a presentation to the SafeGraph/Placekey Slack community — a community of over 8000 researchers and data scientists on Tuesday, June 22 at 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM EDT.

Registration link: https://placekey.commsor.com/e/measuring-global-multi-scale-place-connectivity-using-geotagged-social-media-data

Place connectivity – shaped by human movement – is quantified by the strength of spatial interactions among locations. Using social media data, they introduce a global multi-scale place connectivity index (PCI) based on spatial interactions among places that have been geotagged in tweets. This analysis can enable modeling the spread of COVID-19 and hurricane evacuation destination choices, helping with future policy and planning procedures.

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