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    GIS Lounge
  • Mapping Tornado Tracks with Satellite Data - May 5, 2023
    Researchers used satellite imagery and remote sensing to map tornado tracks. The post Mapping Tornado Tracks with Satellite Data appeared first on GI [...]
  • How to Use ArcGIS Pro to Determine the Population Impacted by Air Pollution - May 4, 2023
    Learn to estimate air pollution's impact on people with geospatial methods using ArcGIS Pro and data from Toxic Release Inventory, Worldpop, and [...]
  • Green View Index for QGIS - May 2, 2023
    The Green View Index employs street-level imagery to measure the amount of vegetation visible to the human eye. The post Green View Index for QGIS ap [...]
  • Using Open GIS Data to Help Map Public Urban Green Spaces - April 23, 2023
    Satellite imagery like Sentinel-2 can help map green spaces. Using OpenStreetMap (OSM) can help to distinguish public and private green spaces. The p [...]
  • GIS User Groups in the United States - April 22, 2023
    GIS user groups are a great way to network with other GIS professionals on a local level. GIS user groups commonly are organized at the regional leve [...]
  • Networking in GIS: Peer-to-Peer Support in the GIS Community - April 17, 2023
    List of peer-to-peer resources that GIS professionals can tap into for assistance with their technical queries and to connect with others in the fiel [...]
  • GIS for Local Government: Economic Development and Site Selection - April 11, 2023
    This GIS tutorials shows how to use Maptitude in the municipal government sector for economic development and site selection. The post GIS for Local [...]
  • Mapping Snowpack and Forecasting River Rise in California - April 10, 2023
    Measuring snow and forecasting snowmelt effects on river rise is important for planning for California's water needs and to mitigate flooding. T [...]
  • GIS for Local Government: Public Works - April 10, 2023
    This article by Stewart Barry and Brett Lucas describes an application of Maptitude in the municipal government sector for public works. The post GIS [...]
  • Learn GIS for Free - March 25, 2023
    There are a few online options to learn GIS for free. Take advantage of resources that provide you access to free courses from some of the world' [...]
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    Google Maps Blog
  • How we used Plus Codes to create over 14,000 addresses in a Brazilian favela - May 15, 2023
    HereâÂÂs a look at how communities in Brazil used Plus Codes Google technology to connect with much-needed services.
  • New ways Android is improving your drive - May 10, 2023
    New features are coming to Android Auto and cars with Google built-in to help drivers both on and off the road.
  • New ways AI is making Maps more immersive - May 10, 2023
    With advancements in AI, there are new ways to understand your route with Maps. Plus, new immersive tools for developers.
  • 4 Maps updates to help you explore U.S. national parks - April 11, 2023
    Now you can find all the national park information you need in one place.
  • 7 Maps and Lens features to use on your next trip - April 3, 2023
    Maps and Lens features to help you plan your Summer travel and make the most of your vacation.
  • New ways we tackle fake contributions on Google Maps - March 31, 2023
    Google Maps prioritized fighting fake contributions and used a variety of techniques including ML to combat policy-violating content.
  • How we’re helping people and cities adapt to extreme heat - March 29, 2023
    WeâÂÂre helping communities prepare for and adapt to the effects of rising heat â from new extreme heat alerts on Search to AI-powered too [...]
  • How to keep using Google Maps even when your phone is offline - March 19, 2023
    These simple steps will help you keep using Google Maps offline when you donâÂÂt have an internet connection.
  • Check out Street View’s new collection with McLaren Racing - February 27, 2023
    Check out our all-new, immersive Street View collection of the McLaren Technology Center.
  • 5 Google tools to make day-to-day math a lot easier - February 22, 2023
    Try out these Google products to make math a little easier.
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    GIScience News
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    Spatial Source
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