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    GIS Lounge
  • Mapping Jellyfish - September 6, 2022
    Mapping swarms of jellyfish has significantly improved dueàto a combination of remote sensing data, UAV and satellite data, and algorithms t [...]
  • Ten Tips to Prepare for a GIS Job Interview - August 27, 2022
    Got a portfolio? Kristina Jacob presents ten tips for preparing for a GIS job interview. The post Ten Tips to Prepare for a GIS Job Interview appeare [...]
  • How to use ArcGIS Pro and Landsat 8 Imagery to Calculate Chlorophyll Index and Global Environmental Monitoring Index - August 24, 2022
    Tutorial on how to use ArcGIS Pro to determine the Chlorophyll Index (CI) and the Global Environmental Monitoring Index (GEMI) of Landsat 8 imagery i [...]
  • Finding GIS Data and Using QGIS to Map Caves - August 19, 2022
    Dackery Geiman outlines the challenges he encountered finding geospatial data about caves and using QGIS to map cave density in Missouri. The post Fi [...]
  • GIS in Land Use Planning and Surveying - August 19, 2022
    Michael Parks explains how he used GIS data and imagery to develop geospatial analysis and maps to recommend potential base camp sites. The post GIS [...]
  • Using GIS to Map Fly Fishing Destinations - August 18, 2022
    William Bakemeyeràdescribes how he used QGIS and open source data to create a fly fishing map. The post Using GIS to Map Fly Fishing Destina [...]
  • Remote Sensing for Carbon Offsetting - August 15, 2022
    Remote sensing and geospatial technologies are being harnessed for carbon offsetting efforts. The post Remote Sensing for Carbon Offsetting appeared [...]
  • QGIS from a Graduate Student’s Perspective - August 15, 2022
    Kent Campbell writes about how he has come to view the benefits of using QGIS as a graduate student. The post QGIS from a Graduate StudentâÂÂs P [...]
  • The Map Myth of Here Be Dragons - August 12, 2022
    What lies at the edge of the known world? Cartographers had different ways of showing the unknown. The post The Map Myth of Here Be Dragons appeared [...]
  • Notable Cartographers and Their Maps - August 10, 2022
    Cartography is the art and science of map making. Being a cartographer requires attention to detail, a talent for visualizing data, and a comprehensi [...]
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    Google Maps Blog
  • Search outside the box: How we're making Search more natural and intuitive - September 28, 2022
    For over two decades, we've dedicated ourselves to our mission: to organize the worldâÂÂs information and make it universally accessible an [...]
  • New ways to make more sustainable choices - September 28, 2022
    Search interest in terms like electric vehicles, solar energy and thrift stores reached new highs globally over the past year â suggesting tha [...]
  • 4 new updates that make Maps look and feel more like the real world - September 28, 2022
    Google Maps has always pushed the boundaries of what a map can do. Features like live traffic transformed how people get from point A to B, and insig [...]
  • More ways to drive sustainably and save money with Google Maps - September 6, 2022
    Imagine youâÂÂre planning a day trip from your home in Athlone, Ireland over to Limerick â over an hour and a half journey. To decide how [...]
  • Supporting Asian-owned businesses in your community - August 3, 2022
    When I was 5, our family moved from New York City to the countryside outside of the city. My brother and I were the only kids of Asian descent in our [...]
  • Googlers for climate: meet Lisa Arendt - August 3, 2022
    Based in Zürich, Lisa is Product Partnerships Manager for Maps. She helps partners to integrate their charging station locations into Google Map [...]
  • Three new Maps updates to help plan your next adventure - July 26, 2022
    WhoâÂÂs got those summertime feelings? If the warmer months have you feeling extra inspired â and excited â to get outside and exp [...]
  • I’m excellent at planning vacations — steal my tips - July 22, 2022
    I once read that the happiest part of traveling is the planning, and I couldnâÂÂt agree more. Before I board a plane, I spend hours researching [...]
  • Inside Scoop: National Ice Cream Day with Google Maps - July 11, 2022
    What better way to beat the hot summer heat than with ice cream? WeâÂÂre not the only ones who crave this sweet treat. In fact, of all the dishe [...]
  • Taking pride in our businesses - June 22, 2022
    A couple of years ago, my partner and I moved to Kentucky, not knowing anyone in the state. Before moving, I extensively researched local websites an [...]
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    GIScience News
  • New paper: Capturing complex star dune dynamics – repeated highly accurate surveys combining multitemporal 3D topographic measurements and local wind data - September 30, 2022
    Morphologies of highly complex star dunes are the result of aeolian dynamics in past and present times. These dynamics reflect climatic conditions and [...]
  • ohsomeHeX with Quality indication from OQT - September 22, 2022
    The HeiGIT team had a great time at the State of the Map 2022 in Florence. Many thanks to the participants for the fruitful discussions at our worksho [...]
  • Human-in-the-loop development of spatially adaptive ground point filtering pipelines — An archaeological case study - September 16, 2022
    LiDAR data have become indispensable for research in archaeology and a variety of other topographic applications. To derive products (e.g. digital ter [...]
  • Open Healthcare Access Map Update and HDX - September 9, 2022
    Last year we started the Open Healthcare Access Map. àInitially, only a few countries and later on continents were featured. Today, we are pl [...]
  • Integrating Bird Observations from Community Projects and Social Media - September 7, 2022
    Environmental developments create an ever increasing need for monitoring and protection measures. These efforts are often based on digital or technica [...]
  • Aktivierung des Disaster openrouteservice für Überschwemmungen in Pakistan - September 6, 2022
    In den vergangenen Wochen hat die Monsunflut in Pakistan über 1.000 Tote gefordert und Millionen Menschen ohne Dach über dem Kopf hinterlass [...]
  • Disaster openrouteservice response to Pakistan flooding - September 5, 2022
    Over the past weeks, monsoon flooding in Pakistan has left over 1,000 dead and millions without homes. As reports and photos of skyrocketing food pric [...]
  • New feature addition to Ohsome Quality analysT: Building Completeness Indicator - September 5, 2022
    Introduction Since the release of theàohsome quality analyst (short OQT) in February of last year, we have been working on developing an acce [...]
  • Uses ORS for a Safer Route to School - September 4, 2022
    Creating tools to map and navigate the urban (and not-so-urban) jungle has been a specialty of the HeiGIT and GIScience teams since their founding. We [...]
  • GIScience and HeiGIT at SotM 2022 - September 2, 2022
    We are happy to announce that, this year, GIScience and HeiGIT has had four contributions to the FOSS-Community âÂÂconferencathonâ in Flor [...]
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    Spatial Source
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