Welcome to the Geoinformation and Big Data Research Laboratory (GIBD) at USC, where Big Data meets GIS.

Established in 2015, the Geoinformation and Big Data Research Laboratory (GIBD) at the University of South Carolina (USC) is a collaborative effort of a group of faculty and students, conducting interdisciplinary research on geospatial big data analytics, spatiotemporal analysis/modeling, high-performance computing, geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI), and cyberGIS within the area of data and computational intensive GIScience. By synthesizing advanced computing technologies, geospatial methods and spatiotemporal principles, GIBD aims to advance knowledge discovery and decision making to support domain applications including disaster management, climate change, human mobility, and public health.

GIBD is equipped with a high-performance big data computing cluster with 15 computer servers, serving as a testbed for geospatial big data analytics and computing-intensive research and applications. This cluster is housed at USC and maintained by Research Computing in the Division of Information Technology. The lab is also equipped with Deep Learning Workstations powered by high-end NVIDIA Titan XP GPUs for deep learning research and development.

The Department of Geography at USC is among the top geography programs in the nation with strong GIScience research. GIBD has access to the departmental resources, including 70 high-end desktop computers equipped with the latest GIS, remote sensing, spatial analysis, computing and statistical software tools such as the ESRI and ERDAS suite of GIS packages and special-purpose software tools for hyperspectral remote sensing, LiDAR data processing, and visualization.

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