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Call for newsletter items

Dear colleagues,

After successfully launching the first CISG newsletter last year, we are welcoming your contributions for this year’s edition. We anticipate publication in December, and ask you to submit newsworthy items by Friday, 11/18/2019.

The newsletter potentially reaches more than 140 readers and serves as an excellent venue for getting the word out on community news, departmental events, research findings, media appearances, book publications, and so on. We also invite you to share commentaries or features of broad interests with CISG specialty group members. You are welcome to post calls for papers, proposals, awards, grants, fellowships, and jobs of potential interest.

The newsletter relies greatly on your contributions, so please take a moment to send along relevant items. Please send your submissions to Alexander Hohl (alexander.hohl@geog.utah.edu) in text format by Friday, 11/18/2019. Photos, maps, graphics or drawings with captions, are especially welcome (GIF, JPG, or PNG).

Thank you,

Your CISG board members